“Metroid Prime 4” Is Not Coming Soon: Get The Expected Launch Date, Trailer And Other Latest Updates!!!


    Metroid Prime is one of the most popular video games being played around the world by gamers. This game was being developed by Nintendo, Retro Studios and Nintendo Research and development. This game was so much success that it is all ready to begin the journey of the 4th part. In this, you will get lots of information about it.

    Metroid Prime was first developed in the year of 2002. It was also the most successful year of Metroid. So, for this reason, developers also went on for the 2nd and 3rd parts. If the game is the best, then it is obvious that the journey will forever continue.


    We haven’t seen the game in any of the game events in the recent years due to which only speculations are hovering around. We will get any hint regarding features once any glimpse of the game will be there.

    "Metroid Prime 4" Is Not Coming Soon: Get The Expected Launch Date, Trailer And Other Latest Updates!!!

    Release Date of Metroid Prime 4?

    Firstly the makers and the creators have announced in the year 2019 that Metroid Prime 4 is coming. But the saddest news is that till now they haven’t declared the exact official date for the launching of Metroid Prime 4. There was a rumor going that the Metroid Prime 4 is about to launch in the year 2020. But any official confirmation is not out yet, and also it just seems impossible due to the recent COVID 19 pandemic.

    Another reason for the delay in the release of the game is that the developers wanted the game to be very much successful, and all the people should play it with lots of enthusiasm.

    The trailer of Metroid Prime part 4

    At the year of 2017, only we have not even a small glimpse of the trailer of Metroid Prime part 4. So all the people were waiting for the release of the game. But again we have seen the delay of the game.


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