Outriders: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, and Everything else you need to know!


    Do you play PUBG? Call Of Duty? CounterStrike?

    Do you love these games?


    Then you’re gonna love what is coming next in the Third-Person Shooting genre!

    People Can Fly Studios is set to bring you, Outriders!

    What is the premise of the game?

    The storyline of the game features Colonists trying to take over the Planet Enoch, where they encounter a storm. This storm gives the inhabitants and the colonists different superpowers. The game will carry on by how the players utilize their powers and lead their side to victory.

    What is the gameplay of the game like?

    Initially, The players need to create a custom character and choose from four different classes, granting unique abilities that the players can utilize.

    Following are the classes and their abilities:

    1. Trickster- Ability to manipulate time
    2. the Pyromancer- Ability to manipulate fire
    3. the Devastator- Ability to unleash seismic attacks

    However, The fourth class is yet to be revealed.

    In addition, The game will possess all the fun of a classic RPG game combined with the excitement of a Third-person shooting game. Moreover, The players will experience all the hardships of the battlefield and more! The difficulty level will increase as the players will progress. But in addition, the rewards will keep getting even better!

    When is the Trailer launch for the game?

    The trailer of the game was launched last year during the E3 2019.

    Check it out!

    When is the game releasing, and on which platforms will the game be available?

    There has been no confirmation on a concrete date for the release, but it is expected to be released in late 2020.

    The People Can Fly game, published by Square Enix, will be available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

    But initially, The game will be first released on Playstation 4 and slowly roll out for the other platforms.

    For more updates, Stay tuned to Union Journalism.



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