The Beauty of Your Face by Sahar Mustafah: Publication Date, Plot, About Author, Price and more!


    Books are the one which never fails to understand us and entertain us. It is the calmest way of entertainment and gives a lot of relaxation and also enhances our imagination power. There are many books released in 2020, and many yet to release. Readers are waiting for their most anticipating books to get released. One such anticipating book is The Beauty of Your Face.

    The cover of The Beauty of Your Face.

    The Beauty of Your Face is a fictional book which is written by Sahar Mustafah. It is a family life book that enhances the lives of women and families. The book is published by W. W. Norton. The length of the book is 312 pages long.

    According to Rebbeca Makkai (Pulitzer Prize Finalist), “The Beauty of Your Face is a striking and stirring debut, one that reaches its hands straight into the fire. Sahar Mustafah writes with wisdom and grace about the unthinkable, the unspeakable, and the unspoken.”

    The publication date of The Beauty of Your Face

    Fans have waited for this book, and now it has arrived. The book was published on 7 April 2020. The book is published in the English language by W.W. Norton and Company. The book is now available on Amazon with a price of $26.

    About the Author

    Sahar Mustafah is a Palestinian immigrant writer. She is a teacher of literature as well as of creative writing in a school in Chicago. She has received or awarded the Guild Literary Complex Prize for Fiction. She is also honored with the Best Short Stories of America. She is also a short story writer. She has gained three nominations in Pushcart Prize.

    Sahar Mustafah

    The plot of The Beauty of Your Face

    The whole story revolves around a woman whose name is Afaf Rahman. She is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants. She is a principal of Nurrideen School for Girls, a school in Chicago. She faces some problems related to her identity before she meets a shooter who attacks the school. In the story, we will be getting the flashback of Afaf’s life.

    We will see what she has faced in childhood through her memories. We will also see the memory of her mother, who wants to return her home in Palestine. The disappearance of her elder sister, which becomes a point in a story where Afaf’s family got broken or turned up.

    The book, at one point, seems like the story of Sahar herself because of the common characteristics of the lead and the author. They both are Palestinian immigrants, and they both teach in a school. The books explore the lives of women and give a new way or perception to look upon life.


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