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There’s No More Lost in Space! Netflix Renewed the Series For Third and Final Season

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Lost in Space is one of the enjoyable science-fiction flicks on Netflix, but there wouldn’t be more of it as Netflix is planning to end the series with the third and final season. Lost in Space’s second season debuted back in December, and certainly, the series wouldn’t return anytime soon or until sometime in 2021. So, fans have to desperately wait to figure out the fate of the Robinson family, and given that the third season will be finale—it might be worth a wait.

Showrunner, Zack Estrin, came forward and cleared the confusion that Netflix didn’t cancel the series because he always intended to deliver the story in dynamic three parts. The fans might feel wrong about the shocking end of their beloved series; it’s not an end for showrunner Estrin. Estrin reportedly signed a new multi-year deal with streaming giant Netflix, and we can expect another television arriving after the rousing conclusion of Lost in Space.

The cliffhanger in series like Lost in Space is not a new thing, and Season 2 also left with a bewildering cliffhanger. The children have literally lost in SpaceSpace this time after the Jupiter transport arrives at an unknown star system—instead of Alpha Centauri. Apart from being lost in Space, the Robinson parents don’t have any knowledge where the children might be.


The season concludes when the stranded children come across the Fortuna—the ship had vanished some twenty years ago, and no one had any idea about the possible whereabouts of the ship. The ship was commanded by Grant Kelly, who is Judy Robinson’s biological father. Only time will tell whether Judy will reconcile with her estranged father or finds themselves in a more dangerous situation—everything will be unveiled once the season three debuts.

Molly Parker, Taylor Russell, Maxwell Jenkins, Ignacio Serricchio, Brian Steele, and Toby Stephens portray the primary roles in critically acclaimed Netflix Originals.

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