Warner Bros. CANCELED Two SUPERMAN Games in Between Six Years, Concept Arts Finally Revealed


    Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment tried to bring open-world Superman games for various platforms, and through these years, there have been numerous rumors and leaks about the apparent game. The company reportedly tried to work on two different Superman games, but both of them got canceled in just six-year-window. However, the company still denies acknowledging the existence of Man of Steel games.

    A Twitter user (also an industry insider), James Sigfield recently reported that the company welcomed the pitches from creative producers and directors to work on two different Superman games since 2013. The insider also revealed some concept arts from the projected game, which was later dropped in the initial prototype stage.

    The insider revealed a Concept Arts in which our beloved superhero is flying across the city of Metropolis. In another art, some of the most ruthless and dangerous DC’s villains looked teaming up to stand and fight against the mighty Kal-El. These both concept arts were taken from open-world Superman game.

    There was also another superman game but was featured with a less open-world setting. The game was entitled as Superman: Unborn—that was later removed from production after the early prototype stage. The game was set to feature famous villains like Brainiac and Doomsday, taking place in a city of Kandor. According to comics, Kandor was a city in Krypton, which was bottled up by Brainiac—sometime before the explosion of the whole Krypton planet.

    Sigfield didn’t reveal why warner Bros. canceled open-world themed game but mentioned the reason behind the cancellation of Superman: Unborn. Warner Bros. wanted to use the upgraded and more modified version of Unreal Engine 3 (currently used by Injustice 2) in the Superman game called Arkham engine.

    Superman fans are unreservedly upset with Warner Bros. for their inability to produce any rumored games, but for the greater good—the studio has raised the quality bar for Batman games.


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