Emma Straub’s “All Adults Here” Has All About Parents And Childhood: Get The Detailed Synopsis Here!!!


    The novel by Emma Straub, All Adults Here is about a parent, Astrid. It is about how she realizes her parenting faults and is now trying to rectify them. Straub, in her book, has created a family whose story is worth knowing. The novel has insight for the readers about adulating and parenting. This the author has put forward by means of humor and her unique wisdom.

    All the mentioned elements brewed together, give us a perfect story about aging parents and adult siblings. It is about two mean girls in middle school and boyfriends in high school. The novel also focuses on serious issues like the effects of birth order. All in all, the novel is about all the things, good and bad, that make us an adult. The novel is set to hit the stores on 4th May 2020.

    Emma Straub's "All Adults Here" Has All About Parents And Childhood: Get The Detailed Synopsis Here!!!

    About the Author

    The Author of All Adults Here is Emma Straub, who is an American bookstore owner as well as a novelist. A mother of two, she is the daughter of the famous horror and suspense author, Peter Straub. Emma’s work includes Other People We Married, which is a collection of short stories. She has worked on novels like The Vacationers, Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures, and Modern Lovers. Straub is currently residing in Brooklyn and is the owner of the Books Are Magic bookstore.

    What do All Adults Here have in store for us?

    The story begins when Astrid Strick bears witness to a school bus accident of an acquaintance, Barbara Baker. Astrid does not like Barbara much. However, this incident is the beginning of all the shake-ups that she will now be experiencing in her life. Astrid is a resident of the Hudson Valley town of Clap ham, in New York. She is a 68 years old widow and a mother of 3. She has two sons and one daughter. The eldest son is Elliot, then comes her daughter Porter, and then the youngest kid, Nicky.

    Emma Straub's "All Adults Here" Has All About Parents And Childhood: Get The Detailed Synopsis Here!!!

    What happens next in the story?

    The novel tells how Elliot measures and lives his adult lives according to his own standards, which are completely unique. Porter is struggling to come out of her adolescent years, and at the same time, she is pregnant. The youngest boy seems to be adrift and completely unfocused. He is busy making his own childhood mistakes.

    In these circumstances, it would be interesting to know what the family does. How would they decide what mistakes they made several years back? It would be interesting to know which mistakes the family thinks are worth an apology. While the adults seem to fail at everything, it would be interesting to see what Astrid’s granddaughter has in store for them. The thirteen-year-old and her friends would surprisingly possess more courage than the adults, to tell the truth to the ones you love.

    Get a hand of the novel on 4th May 2020 and see what happens to Astrid and her family.


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