Death in Paradise Season 10: Release date, Plot, Main Cast, Episodes, Expectations and many more to know.


    There are a lot of dramas which get telecasted over one of the best channels in the world, that is, BBC. If we talk about the drama which falls under the genre of crime and detective series, then one name comes for sure, and that is Death in Paradise, which gets telecasted on BBC.

    Death in Paradise is a British plus French detective drama. It is a crime drama that first started in the month of October 2011. It is created by Robert Thorogood. If we talk about its French name, then it is also known as Meurtres au Paradis. It gets telecasted over BBC One in the United Kindom, and when it comes to France, then it gets telecasted on France 2 channel. We have a PBS channel in the United States and ABC in Australia to watch this drama. The series has a total of 9 seasons in hand and is coming up with the tenth season.

    Poster of Death in Paradise Season 9.

    The release date of Death in Paradise Season 10.

    The series first came on 25 October 2011 with eight episodes. With the same number of episodes, the series renewed for many times and was last premiered on 9 January 2020 to 27 February 2020. The renewal of series with the 10th season got announced by the makers alongside the renewal of the 9th series at the end of the eighth season. The shooting of the series was going to start in April, but it delayed due to Coronavirus Pandemic. If things would have been on a track, then the tenth series would have released in early 2021, but it seems impossible for now. The tenth series will also have eight episodes.

    The cast of Death in Paradise season 10.

    The casts are almost the same as the earlier season had. They are- Don Warrington as Selwyn Patterson( a commissioner), Elizabeth Bowcine as Catherine Bordey, Tobi Bakare as Jean Pierre Hooper (an officer), Ardal O’ Hanton as Jack Mooney, Shyko Armos as Rusy Patterson, Aude Legastelois as Madeleine Dumas, Nina Wadia as Anna Masani, Ralf Little as Neville Parker.

    The plot of Death in Paradise season 10.

    The story of Death in Paradise is of a detective. At first, the detective was Richard Poole, but he got murdered in season 3. The setting was in Saint Marke island. The next that arrived was Humphrey Goodman, who also resigns in season 6 to live with his wife and then comes the one who is still in the lead, that is, Jack Mooney. The plot of season ten is yet to be confirmed. There is no news related to the revelation of the plot.

    The fans wanted to watch the tenth series in early 2021, but things are not going in favor. But we may expect this series somewhere between the mid and the end of 2021.


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