What new features is the game Windbound adapting from moana movie? What the secrete behind it?? See all that and more here!!


    Windbound is a video game developed by five liver studios and published by deep silver. This game supports PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and play station 4.

    The windbound game will be released on the 28 August 2020.

    The  Trailer of Windbound 

    From the trailer, the story of the game is about, once the girl( kara) will be traveling in the ocean, the strong storm struck her boat. This made her fall in the ocean; she will be landing on the inhabitant seashore.

    The place is full of animals, to continue her life, and to reach her destination, she needs to kill animals and loot the keys.

    At each stage, the complexity will be increased to kill the animals. If she kills the animal, she will get a better sea craft to travel at each stage and to collect the keys.

    By killing all the animals and overcoming all the problems. With new boat every stage she is able to reach her destination.

    As per the trailer, the game is based on hunting. The player will have the Bow and arrow at initial stage. At every stage, the player will be given a special weapon to kill the animal in the next level. The player will only have special power after winning the current level.

    Add on information about Windbound 

    windbound is a survival game, it is third person perspective (TPP) video game and inhabitant island .

    It is Role Playing game and strategy game and player can free Rome till the line of sight.

    The logo of the game  is reveals that,it link to  Moana movie,name of the avatar is kara. As she left her tribute, to explore the world.

    This game show ever10+ loo which mean above age of 10 can play this game.

    The strategy of the game is loot the island by island and travel by sea craft, it is based on fantasy story. At the final stage, she will be in new tribute which will be expected to have another part.For more information stay connected with union journalism.



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