Duane Chapman aka Dog the Bounty Hunter getting MARRIED AGAIN!!! with NEW GF after Wife’s Death


    Duane “Dog” Chapman lost his beloved wife, Beth Chapman, last year due to her underlying throat cancer. The reality TV star had a hard time overcoming the tragic loss of his wife, but now it looks like Dog has found his love again and is very happy. The 67-year-old recently confirmed that he would spend the rest of his life with his new 51-year-old girlfriend, Francie Frane, but wouldn’t marry her.

    Francie Frane is a Colorado native, and currently, Dog and Frane are quarantining together in Colorado. The relationship was reportedly public after Dog’s daughter, Lyssa Chapman, expressed in Twitter that she was happy with her father’s new romance. An insider close to Dog, the Bounty Hunter, recently reported to Hollywood Life claiming that the relationship between them is going smooth, and every family member is on their side to respect the relationship.

    Dog is confident that Francie would eventually spend rest of their life together even without marriage. The insider mentioned that it is an excellent deal for Chapman to have his family back on his brewing relationship with Francie. Francie Frane and Duane Chapman are very serious about their relationship and wouldn’t like to lose each other support.

    Dog’s main aim, as for now, is to stay healthy and live more years together with Francie but doesn’t have any plans for remarrying. The main reason that is holding Dog from remarrying is his promise to his dying wife—Beth. He promised her deceased wife that he would never remarry. However, Dog has been pretty clear that he is ready to live forever with Francie. Also, the couple doesn’t have any ambitious plan for now and is continuing to enjoy the best moments together.

    Dog recently shared his picture with Francie, in which the new lovebirds are adorably holding hands while they are on a short walk with their family bulldog.


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