Is Elite Season 3 all set to get aired on Netflix?? What are the points that you just cant miss from the show?? Here’s everything about the upcoming season.


    It seems that the meanest teenagers of high school are coming back together once again for Season 3. “The Elite” is happening again, and here’s what everything you need to know about the upcoming season.

    What’s going to happen in Elite Season 3?

    The season is going to be out on March 13 for the third season, and with that, this season is going to summarise the whole thing which happened in Season 1.

    This season we are going to witness the demise of Polo, who was the reason behind the death of Marina. As a fact, Everyone knows in Season 3 that Polo is a killer, which reasoned the fact that there will be revenge.

    The cast members have said, “It’s going to be very different from the first two seasons as it ‘s going to make sure that you recall everything as it will run like a cycle and with that, there is going to be a lot of emotions spill on the ground.”

    The Plot of Elite Season 3

    The plot of the upcoming series is going to show a lot of action as Polo is now a killer, so there are people who are detecting him in every possible way, and with that, it’s going to be graduation time, which means a lot of festivities with thrilling experiences. Other than that, Lu’s father kicks her out of the house, and with that, Rebeca kisses Samuel and Valerio. After this, Samuel proposes to Carla, who slaps him and rejects his proposal, and Nadia also gets a proposal from Malick.

    The cast is going to remain the same with two new members joining the series are Leiti J. Sene and Sergio Momo, who is going to be there.

    So, with that being said, the series is all set to get binged by Netflix subscribers as we have got an everything release date, cast, trailer. I just need to wait a bit until the day comes.


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