Fire Force Season 2: Release Date, Plot and everything you should know! Latest updates!


    Anime series are so underrated as they are not in our favorite English language. But they are quite intriguing. We binge watch the normal shows and forget about the other interesting ones. For instance, we have a Fire Force.

    This Japanese manga anime series is releasing its second season. The author of the series is Atsushi Õkubo. We invest so much time on shows; time flies by. The meaning of the name of the series is Blazing firefighting cops. The word firefighting is enough to intrigue a human.

    Good animations are rare to find—this show directed by Yuki Yase, first aired in 2015 from July to September. Fans are desperate for another season since then. Over two million copies went on sale.

    Series is up for the second season, and here’s what we know about it!

    Fire Force Season 2 Premise

    Even no Shoubai, based on Tokyo in the age of sun 198. There is threatening to this populated city. They are Infernals or infernos, human conversions.

    The city must get saved by pyro fighters. They are specialized fighters- ones who have supernatural powers as firefighters. The story revolves around the protagonist- Shinra Kusakabe. This fighter can ignite the fire with his feet and travel with rocket speed.

    Regrettably, his wish to fight and become a hero and order around didn’t come true. The end was shocking with the Shinra family’s death twelve years ago.

    It is officially available on Crunchyroll, Animax Asia, Anime Lab,, and Funimation. The second season will air on the same platforms.

    Fire Force Season 2 Expectations

    Shinra works so hard to destroying infernos and rescue his abducted Brother Sho. The aim of abduction had an aim: to bring the second Great Disaster.

    The conclusion: the death of Shinra’s family twelve years earlier revealed. Let’s see what the creators have for us in the next season!

    Fire Force Season 2 Release Date

    Season one left enough storyline to continue for another season. This anime releases in summer 2020. The confirmation of the dates is not there. But the months are from April to July. However, with 48-50 episodes, this hiatus will be worth it for the second season too!


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