Homeland Season 8: Release Date, Plot, Cast and more. Is season 8 last in the series? Everything you should know!


    Nowadays, tv-series are getting more popularity than any films. Just like films, tv-series also get renewed as per the demand of fans and the completion of stories. If we talk about any spy series of a long run that satisfied its viewers with every renewal, then one name comes for sure, that is, Homeland.

    Homeland is a tv drama that falls under the category of a spy thriller. It is also a psychological and political drama. It was developed by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa. It is based upon one of the Israel series called Prisoners of War by Gideon Raff.

    Homeland season 8

    The release date of Homeland Season 8

    The Homeland, a thriller drama first premiered on 2 October 2011 and had a total of 12 episodes. From this time onward, the series fixed the number of episodes. When it comes to Homeland season eight, then it has premiered on 9 February 2020 and had a total of 12 episodes. It premiered on Showtime. The eight seasons of Homeland is the last season in the series. There won’t be any further seasons in Homeland.

    The cast of Homeland Season 8

    The cast of Homeland is really grand. They are- Charles Danes as Carrie Mathison, Maury Sterling as Max Piotrowski, Costa Roinn as Yevgeny Gromov, Nimrat Kaur as Tasmeen Qureishi, Mandy Patinkin as Saul Berenson, Numan Acar as Hassan Haqqani, Linus Roache as David Wellington.

    The plot of Homeland Season 8

    The plot goes along with the Saul Berenson, who is a security advisor for President Ralph Warner. He was assigned to negotiate peace with the Taliban in Afghanistan. We also saw one of the lead Carrie Mathison struggling. She is struggling to recover her treatment in prison. She is a prisoner in Russia, and Saul wants to take her to Afghanistan.

    Homeland season 8 was amazing. Fans were bit upset as it was the last in the series, but they are still hoping that we may get the positive news related to the Homeland and it’s coming season.


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