Is the famous sequel of the film World War Z cancelled or is it still releasing?? What happened with the film?? What can we expect from it??


    About World War Z!!!

    World War Z had faced a lot of troubles during its production but was an unexpected hit. The movie had to face a lot of criticism, but then too, it was hit at the box office. She was now talking about World War Z 2. No news is not yet heard about its production.

    Expected news about the release date of World War Z 2!!

    At some point in time, it was in the news that the second sequel of World War Z might be released in the year 2017. When 2017 came then no production or shooting for World War Z 2 started. The shooting of World War Z 2 was then believed to get started in the year 2018. Brad Pitt then signed for ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ and the release of Ad Astra. Hence no shooting was possible in 2018. Later than it was hoped to begin in June 2019 but then moved on to March 2020. But soon news came that China has banned films about zombies and ghosts due to political reasons.

    The Cast of World War Z 2!!

    World War Z was based on the story that in various cities there was a zombie outbreak and those who got bitten by the creature would become a Zombie on its own. But no news has been yet heard about the plot about World War Z 2. Many videos are available on YouTube On World War Z 2. We can’t say about the star cast of World War Z 2 because no production is started till date.

    The expected Plot in World War Z 2!!

    It was also been heard that the fightback may be seen in the second sequel. But the assumption remains an assumption till any update about World War Z2. Only the thing which we can do is to sit back and relax and hope that we might hear some news about the release of World War Z’s second sequel.

    Is the trailer of World War Z 2 Out??

    Since the production is not been started to date so there is no update about its trailer to be released. Let us hope that the production begins soon and there is no interruption again.


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