What’s the hype about Money Heist Season 5 ??? Have you seen the trailer yet?? What’s the Release date and latest updates about the show??


    About Money Heist Season 5

    Money Heist is a Spanish television series based on crime drama directed by Alex pina, and it has released two seasons. In season 1, it has 15 episodes with parts 1 and 2 as 9 and 6 episodes, respectively. Season 2 has two parts named as 3 and  4 parts with eight episodes. The season 3 will release part 5 and 6 with respective episodes.

    This tale has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 with the immersed fan base. The narrative is about the professor who had a will to print billions of euro in the royal mint of Spain as he wanted to become the biggest heist. To execute his plan, he hired eight talented people with the same will. This group had negotiations with the authority to achieve the professor’s will. After time passes, the group caught to the police—Alvira more as the professor in this series.

    The Cast of Money Heist Season 5

    The cast of the series is Ursula corners, Esther Acebo, Itzira Ituno, Alba Flores, Miguel Herran, and many more people. This same cast will be continuing for the season 3 part 5 with some new characters.

    Part 1 released on two May 2017 and part 2 on 16 October 2017, part 3 on  19 July 2019, part 4 on 3 April 2020, and season 3 part 5 will be released on 2021 along with part 6. The season 1 has telecast in Antena 3 and season 2 has telecast in Netflix, season 3 part 5 and 6 will be telecast in both Antena 3 and Netflix.

    The production house for this series is Vancouver media. The runtime of this show will be seventy minutes. This series also won the award called Fenix film award for best series, and it is nominated for the Fenix film award for best Ensemble in series. This series also huge fan base and made to eagerly wait for upcoming series. To know more detail about the latest updates, stay connected with union journalism.



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