Perfect Tunes by Emily Gould : A Short Review, Release Date, Plot and more! Latest Updates!


    Emily Gould is an American author, novelist, and blogger. She worked as an editor at Gawker. But now she is a writer having written several short stories & even novels with fellow writer Ruth Curry.

    Emily Gould

    All About Perfect Tunes

    Gould’s new novel “Perfect Tunes” is a perfect blend of novelty dreams of the youth in the 21st century in downtown New York. How the big dreams and ideas and questionable choices of the youth of mid-20s. Changes to a poignant tale about a rather difficult and intangible but enriching work of motherhood.

    Perfect Tunes Plot

    The story is about a young 22 yr old girl named Laura, who’s from Columbus, Ohio. She smiles a little too much, wears the wrong jeans, and finds it disgusting that her high school friend Callie smokes in the apartment. Laura is an aspiring musician; she came to find inspirations for her wordless tunes. She aspires to have a romantic life surrounded by art, and of sex with a few attachments on the way, in order to find the inspiration for her lyrics.

    But along the way and due to some unfortunate decisions, she suddenly found herself in a rather gloomy apartment with a ten-month-old daughter named Marie. She became pregnant when she fell hard and fast for a skinny melancholic guitarist named Dylan. But Dylan is a bit of a jerk and was much more interested in drugs.

    However, now, other than writing music and auditioning for gigs. Laura is way too busy in making money by waiting tables at Bar Lafitte at night and teaching baby music. She is trying to earn the trust of the other local mothers who are clearly older than her. Though she is clearly exhausted and barely earning rent money, she is more smitten with her daughter than she has with anyone else.




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