Is Aya Cash an addition to The Boys Season 2?? What do the makers have to say about it?? Here’s everything you need to know about the Release Date, Cast and Plot!


    “The Boys” has made quite an impression on its Amazon viewers as the series was able to stand as one of the best on the streaming service. It has brutal and bloody superhero action all over the place, but still, it’s pretty awesome.

    What’s The Boys Season 2 all about??

    The series was renewed even before it was able to release the first season. The season is based on comics of the same name, and by the looks of the climax of Season 1, it looks like the creators have saved a lot for Season 2.

    There were announcements that we’re going to happen at PaleyFest, which happened on March 15, 2020, which didn’t happen due to the health crisis we are facing right now.

    Eric Kripke has said that “the updates will soon be announced to the people as soon as the crisis stopped.” The teaser of the series has gone out, and it seems that there is going to be a lot of violence and blood out there as the teaser wasn’t able to reveal much but Homelander’s gruesome look and his son which is something to take a good look at.

    The upcoming season is going to be released in the mid-2020s as we have come to know about the second season by Karl Urban as his confirmation is there and since Kripke has told in San Diego Comic-con, which clears that it will release the same time.

    The Plot of The Boys Season 2

    The story is going to revolve around Compound 5 which is a secret chemical which will give superhuman strength to those who will ingest it and since now Billy is on the sight of Homelander, it’s going to be tough for the boys to work together and with that, there is going to be an extra villain called Stormfront will be there.

    The cast of season 2 is going to remain the same with certain additions like Aya Cash, Patton Oswalt, Goran Visjnic, and Claudia Doumit are some of the actors who are going to be there in the second season.


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