The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2: Release Date, Predictions, Plot And Where To Watch? Latest Updates!


    The Rising of the Shield Hero is a Japanese light novel dark fantasy genre series which is written by Aneko Yusagi. It was published by Media Factory. There are a total of 25 episodes. The series is produced by Kinema Citrus. It is directed by Takao Abo. The first season was premier from January 9 to June 26, 2019. It was rated on IMDb 8 out of 10.

    The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2 Cast

    We can expect to see some new faces as well as previous like Raphtalia, Naofumi, and Filo in the upcoming season. There is no trailer of the upcoming season, but we will see before two or one months of the second season release date.

    The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2 Plot

    We saw the story of Naofumi, Who became a world cardinal Hero by his skills of defending in the fight from alien species. He is a master of two weapons. We saw Glass and L Arc, who was also a hero from another world. When the story goes further, Naofumi gets disturbed and thought Why he is saving the world. So he will have to fight with himself. The most common thing in this series is that every opponent has its unique signature weapon.

    "Rising of Shield" Got Renewal For Two More Season: What Are The Latest Updates On The "Second Season"???

    The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date

    According to twitter confirmation, season 2 is currently in production, and season 2 is going to release sometime in late 2020 or maybe at the beginning of 2021. It may be a delay because of COVID-19 because many serial and movies are getting delay due to this.

    In this anime series, we can expect to see more fight, action, dialogue, drama, weapons, style, and so on. It will be hard to say about the upcoming story. We hope to listen to news about the release date of the upcoming season from the creator, till then we need to wait for further upcoming information because the journey is not over yet, It is just the beginning.


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