Well known Cartoon show Rick and Morty is again coming up!! When?? Where?? All your questions has an answer here!!


    Well, We loved “Rick and Morty” and the three seasons which it was able to provide were pretty good. The surreal theme and the wacky imagination is something we have always remained a fan of.

    What’s upcoming in Rick and Morty

    The upcoming season which is the 4th one has already been out, and you people must have already seen the first five episodes of the series. So, let’s talk about the next 5.

    I am starting with the 6th episode, which is supposed to be released on May 3. The episode has been longing by each and every fan out there.

    The trailer for the 4th season has been out a long time, and it’s amazing with the partnership of a Grandpa, and his Grandson, the comedy of this franchise is super awesome.

    Although for now, as per their schedule, the creators of the series have decided to end the whole thing by May, we can expect more episodes as it’s going to have a total of 100 episodes by the end.

    Episode 6 could turn its focus towards the Evil Morty. So there could be more episodes from Rick and Murty. Then there is the time travel aspect of the whole series. So, it could be possible for them to make the Evil Morty tussle against Rick for presidential elections for the equal and good treatment of Morty from each and every dimension.

    Everything is the same in Rick and Morty

    The cast is going to remain the same with every old member coming back to give their voices to our favorite characters, and as we know, the trailer is out there, which means no further attention on that is required.

    The plot for the 4th season is pretty messy with Rick and Morty playing with the whole timeline of their life, and Rick is dying and getting born again and again in the world of the original Morty. So, that’s going to be a handful.


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