When Will Gears of War 6 Launch? What are the updates that the audience needs to know? From Release date to plot get to know everything here!!!!


    The recent installment of the video game series Gears of War has made the gaming mania go over the moon. Gears 5, which is the sixth overall installment in the series, was released on September 10, 2019, and after watching its rip-roaring events, the players cannot wait for the next sequel to come out.

    So when will we have Gears of War 6?

    Gears of War 6: Release Date

    Unluckily, the publishers of the game haven’t announced an official release date of the next installment. Generally, it takes 2-3 years for a new game in the series to come out. Gear of War 4 was released in 2016, and Gears 5 came in 2019. Adhering to this pattern, we can expect the launch of the sequel by 2021 or 2022.

    The series is currently owned by Microsoft Windows and developed by The Coalition. It is available on consoles like XBOX One and XBOX Series X.

    We hate to break this to you, but you have to wait for a little longer to get to know what’s coming next for you.

    Gears 5: A Recap

    The last series left the fans on a heart-wrenching cliffhanger with a very important casualty.

    At the end of Gears 5, we saw Kait, Del, and JD heading on a mission to relaunch the Hammer of Dawn in order to stop The Swarm from causing any more destruction, but the path was full of thorns and bushes.

    Eventually, the reanimated Swarm’s queen Reyna who is also Kait’s biological mother, attacks on the trio and holds Del and JD as leverage against Kait, leaving her with the option to save just one of them. Forced to do so, Kait leaves with the survivor while the other adds to the lair of the Swarm.

    So who was it? Who did Kait, or say you, choose to save and left the other to die with their neck broken? Only the individual gamer knows the answer!

    Gears 5 was full of twists and turned with Kait learning about her bloodline’s truth. It was revealed that Kait’s grandmother Myrrah was the first queen of the Locusts and was able to control them due to her special powers. She was also the one to lead the first rebellion of Locusts against humanity.

    With Reyna dead in Gears of War 4, Kait was the next in the line of the crown. Reluctant to be the queen, she somehow manages to break the link between her and the locusts but reincarnated Reyna in the process.

    Gears of War 6 will now deal with how Kait and the team will avenge their friend’s death. With this being said, the next sequel will surely be full of bizarre plot twists and turns, and the gamers will have a great gaming hour!



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