Wonder Woman 1984: Release Date DELAYED ? Everything we need to know


    Well, it seems like many other movies in the world, Wonder Woman 1984 release date has also been affected. Due to the outbreak, global pandemic COVID-19. The Amazonian Princess Diana Prince was set to release in June but got delayed like the rest. It seems like we have to wait a little bit more for the Iconic Justice League Goddess.

    Wonder Woman became a symbol of power and strength for a generation of young girls. They look up to her as a role model. She broke the stereotypical roles of Heroes, who are generally men. After the huge success of the last Wonder Woman movie, fans, especially of the DC Universe, were waiting impatiently for the next movie to release.

    Wonder Woman 1984 Release Date

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    After a confirmed date of June 5th, 2020. Due to the pandemic, the movie delayed two months. Warner Bros. issued a statement that they confirmed the new date for the release would be August 14th, 2020. They also said, “We hope the world will be in a safer and healthier place by then.” Hopefully, if everything goes well, we won’t have to wait anymore to see the movie.

    Wonder Woman 1984 Cast

    As far as the cast goes, it is pretty obvious that the wonderful Gal Gadot will be playing the Amazonian Princess Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. Warner Bros. also confirmed we would see Chris Pine as Steve Trevor again. (I thought he died!!)

    Kristen Wigg has been confirmed to playing the villain Cheetah. Patty Jenkins, the director herself, confirmed her joining the cast. Pedro Pascal has also been cast for an undisclosed role. But it is speculated that he might be playing Maxwell Lord, an influential character in the formation of Justice League.

    Wonder Woman 1984 Plot

    "Wonder Woman 1984": Will The Release Date Get Postponed Again After The Coronavirus Pandemic Or It Is As Per Schedule???

    Wonder Woman is now in America. The story is set in the 1980s, during the Cold War. This time we will see Diana go up against the Soviet Union. Jenkins also confirmed this film would also have another ‘great love story.’

    At present, nothing more is being revealed about the storyline. But to enjoy it, even more, it is better not to know about it beforehand.


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