Alex Trebek called Jeopardy Contestant a LOSER!!! SHAMING her on National Television


    Popular Canadian-American TV host and personality, Alex Trebek slammed a contestant’s taste in music and claimed that the nerdcore hip-hop rappers are losers in between NBC game show, Jeopardy!

    The incident has happened quite a few years, but this specific clip got viral in these recent weeks. The fans are in a dilemma and aren’t able to conclude whether the words from the fan-favorite game host were mean spirited or a random joke in the show.

    Alex, like always, has the habit of asking his contestant about their personal fun fact and asks the same from every player in the game. The opinion jeopardy occurred in the Jeopardy! when a female competitor revealed that she adored nerdcore hip-hop. He then said that the type of music she loves doesn’t sound like fun, and Alex also hasn’t heard of the music type.

    The competitor then started explaining about the music type and claimed that it is actually catchy and fun. But, the host ended the conversation by blatantly calling Losers to the nerdcore hip-hop creators.

    Alex’s statement has caused debate surrounding his response and behavior towards the participant. Some called the response was hilarious, while most of the viewers slammed him by telling that he should be ashamed of himself as he has disrespected the music creators and those who love that kind of music. Many groups of viewers found the situation mean and rude, but some admitted that Alex’s only meant in a comical way.

    The reports claimed that the host of the daily syndicated version of Jeopardy! is currently working on writing a memoir— The Answer Is . . .: Reflections on My Life— about his time as a game show host and his battle against pancreatic cancer.








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