Battlefield 6: Release Date, Platform and Expectations. Are we getting Battlefield VI? Many more to know.


    There are many things that were planned, but they pushed further or got a new date of release or work due to Coronavirus Pandemic. One such thing that is delayed or affected is the release of games in the gaming sector. There were many games that were getting released, but it stopped and were many to work on. One such game on which the work was going to get started in Battlefield 6.

    Battlefield 6 is one of the upcoming games from the Battlefield series. It was started on Microsoft Windows. It was developed by EA DICE and was also published by EA, that is, Electronic Arts. It is an online multiplayer game. The creator of this game is Johan Persson.

    Battlefield 6

    The release date of Battlefield 6

    The first-ever game forms the Battlefield series released on 10 September 2002, and that was Battlefield 1942. The last game that released in this series was Battlefield V on 20 November 2018. It has been almost more that one and a half years, and we have not got any Battlefield game. Generally, makers give us one of the game form this series every two years. The work upon Battlefield 6 has started but has stopped for now. The release date of the game is not out yet. According to EA, this new game will definitely blow people’s minds. EA announced that Battlefield 6 is actually happening, but we need to wait for quite a long period of time, at least for two years. We may get Battlefield 6 somewhere during March of 2022.

    Battlefield 6 Platform 

    As per now, the platforms for Battlefield 6 is not out yet. But it is said that there is not any plan to release this game on Play Station 4. The time when this game will be released, we will have a new version of Play Station, which is Play Station 5. So it will be released on PS5 as well as the new series of Xbox. The CEO and the makers revealed that soon they would be working, and we will get the results.

    The fans or gamers are bitterly happy. They are happy that they are getting a new version in the game, but at the same time, they have to wait for quite a long time.


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