Do you love Ghost stories then The Conjuring 3 is the best one for you!! When is it coming out


The conjuring series is coming back with a third party after a long wait of 4 years. First and the second parts did not fail to scare the theaters worldwide. The same will be from the upcoming third part as well. The director of the movie is Michael Chaves, and the producers are James Van and Peter Safran.

The film is based on the trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, a murder trial that took place in 1981 in Connecticut.

The Scary Treat is going to release on 11 September 2020. June 2019 is the month when the production started.


Demonologists are the main roles of any conjuring movie.              Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren and Patrick as Ed Warren is going to play paranormal investigators in the movie.

New characters have not been revealed yet. This certainly, points out to the conclusion that a new family is going to act out the movie. The family will be facing a set of new adventures. Goosebumps is an understatement with the story title.


The catchy line “Devil made me do it,” suggests, a devil possesses a person and makes him commit crimes which are not legal by the law.

However, this is the first time a devil will make a man commit crimes. In the previous movies, the demons had lived in a house before the entry of the family.

The devil comes inside and possesses an American man who stays in a mansion with his family. The man tells everyone, including the investigation department, about him being possessed but, no-one is ready to listen. Everyone believes that the man himself committed the murder. The dermatologist listens to the man and becomes ready to investigate.



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