Harry Potter – All the buzz about “Voldemort didn’t die” – J.K. Rowling creating another story ? Latest Updates!


    Harry Potter – the name itself is too captivating that takes you to an ever-exciting nostalgic ride of all the character development so far. Another name that became quite the talk because of Harry was none other than the nose-lacking, half-real guy – Voldemort or as he was addressed in his childhood- Thomas Marvolo Riddle (Tom).

    Harry was terrified by “you-know-who” since he was a baby as Tom tried to kill him, but Harry’s parents sacrificed their lives. Voldemort always created troubles for Harry at Hogwarts, which Harry had to thrive through with the help of his best buddies – Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

    In the very first parts of Harry Potter, Voldemort only appears alone or in flashbacks except for the third part – Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Azkaban, in which he’s only mentioned. Everyone seems to be so scared of the archenemy of Harry Potter that they didn’t even take his name and referred to him as ” He who must not be named” or sometimes “The Dark Lord.”

    All About Voldemort

    Voldemort is shown to be the last descendent of the Wizard Salazar Slytherin – one among the four founders of Hogwarts. He is the leader of death eaters and wants to establish his rule, reaching Harry to quest his thirst for pure blood. He can undoubtedly be called “the evilest wizard for hundreds and hundreds of years.” He wants to be superior and goes to the extent of addressing himself as the third person – Lord Voldemort.

    As stated by J.K. Rowling, Voldemort only seems to fear one – Dumbledore, but it is not easy for him also to kill Voldemort once and for all, but in the fourth part, our protagonists finally find a way to get rid of this dark wizard.

    “Voldemort didn’t die.” – All you need to know!

    The speculations have been doing rounds that The Dark Lord did not actually die, which is a fallacy. This means that the character did die, and NO, Rowling has not been planning to write another Voldemort mystery.

    There are still some theories behind the logic that brought this thought into consideration that as Voldemort was not wholly alive, he might just have been transported to another world. Some even believe that as he created so many Horcruxes, he might have been died for long before Harry took this action.

    But for now, we know none of it is probable and all the “Potterheads” out there; stay tuned for further updates!


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