Will “Danmachi Season 3” Suffice Audience After The Not So Good Season 2?? Get The Latest Updates Here!!


    The second season of Danmachi got done, and the fans were already in for a surprise and displeasure too. Even after this, the makers were so sure about its success that they did not waste any time in the announcement and making of a new season. The announcement for Danmachi season 3 came in too soon. The show is all set to release in July 2020, and fans are pretty excited.

    Danmachi, aka, “Is It Weird To Pick Up Girls In Aa Dungeon,” follows the story of a 14-year-old, and his adventures. Bell Cranel is traveling under the guidance of goddess Hestia, but what happens when a lot of other deities start to take a liking towards him? Along with this happening, he also makes a lot of friends on the way of facing various difficulties. A lot of spoilers have surfaced regarding the show as the release comes close.

    Will "Danmachi Season 3" Suffice Audience After The Not So Good Season 2?? Get The Latest Updates Here!!

    The second season of Danmachi season 2 gave fans a little disappointed when the adaption was not accurate. The whole season seemed to rush the story in terms of the plotline. We hope that season 3 will make up for it and go into every detail while the making.

    Season 3 will be having new additions that will team you with the god; this god actually will be the person responsible for all the happenings and an observer nonetheless. We saw Ares sneaking out in the last time, and now the main task for the heroes would be to defeat Dix Perdix.

    Wine is a brand new addition, but nothing much has been talked about the character as of now other than the fact that Rina Hidaka will be the voice. Another exciting fact for fans is that not only is Danmachi season 3 coming, but an OVA will be released prior sometime in January 2020. Stay tuned for the latest updates.


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