KIM JONG UN Dead!!! After a Botched Surgery, Chinese Media Outlets CONFIRMS


    The Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, has reportedly died according to few news outlets in China and Japan. However, the country hasn’t given any official announcement about the situation whether the dictator is dead or bedridden waiting for death or just okay.

    A Hong Kong-based news broadcast company’s vice director reported on Saturday that the supreme leader of North Korea died and mentioned the news was confirmed from her very solid source. The vice director is also the niece of foreign minister in China. The woman shared the news via her social media account, Weibo, to her 15 million followers. The news surfaced after Chinese officials sent a medical team to check on Kim Jong Un’s health.

    The 37-year-old leader hasn’t made any public appearance in recent weeks after he fell down while visiting the outskirts of the country’s capital and clutched his chests. In the following days, CNN reported that the portly leader is in grave danger after his surgeon botched the medical procedure.

    Kim Jong Un’s medical procedure was done at the nearby hospital from where he fell down. The surgeon performing the minor operation had shaky hands and apparently botched the surgery. The Japanese magazine later reported that the supreme leader is in a vegetative state—possibly due to heart surgery has gone wrong.

    Saturday marked the 88th anniversary since the establishment of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army, and Kim Jong has never missed such celebration in his life, but this time, he didn’t show up—maybe due to his sickening health conditions or he is dead already.

    The official announcement will only arrive from North Korea’s capital, and the country has the habit of revealing such news reportedly late. The state media from the country delayed the reports of death news of Kim Jong Un’s tyrannical predecessors—his father and grandfather—up to reported four days. If Kim Jong is really dead, his sister, Kim Yo-jong, is set to become the next supreme leader of the country as some reports claimed that she was recently promoted to some higher rank in North Korea’s administration.


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