“The Beauty of Your Face” By “Sarah Mustafah” Will Give You A Live Experience Of Immigrants’ Plight!!!


    The Beauty of Your Face, by Sarah Mustafah, is a unique and powerful American story. The book focuses on a country that is getting more and more divided, day by day. The Book is based on youth, domestic fiction genre. It was originally published on 7th April 2020 and was named the Most Anticipated Book of 2020. Read below to find some interesting details and plot of the Book.

    About the Book

    The Book, The Beauty of Your Face, is a beautiful exploration of a woman’s life. Her life is faced with several odds. She is living in a nation where there are several odd against her own ideals. She has to face them all and live with it. The story is growing evidence of a nation that has been growing divided each day.

    In the midst of it all, is Afaf Rahman, who is the ward of a Palestinian immigrant. Afaf Rahman is the principal of the Nurrideen School for Girls. This school is a Muslim school that is located in the suburbs of Chicago. It so happens that, one morning, her school gets attacked by a shooter who has been radicalized by means of online news and media.

    "The Beauty of Your Face" By "Sarah Mustafah" Will Give You A Live Experience Of Immigrants' Plight!!!

    The Storyline of the Book

    The story revolves around a Palestinian- American woman who has been trying to resolve within herself several issues. These concern the self-identity, loss, and faith. While she is facing all of this, she has a one on one encounter with a school shooter. As Afaf is busy listening to her enormously difficult progress, the readers are taken back down the memory lane.

    The memories are of the intolerance she has faced as a child due to differences of opinions with others—the memories of how it was her mother’s undying wish to go back to Palestine. The worse of all is the sudden and shaking disappearance of her older sister, which had torn down the whole family. However, even in these difficult times, she has a little comfort in the pleasant music of her father’s oud. She also finally finds hope and affirmation in Islam.


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