“World war Z 2”: Why This Many Years And So Much Effort Is Unable To Make It Successful?? Is It Cancelled??


    World war Z was a horror-action movie made by Marc Forster. It came out in 2013 and was widely acclaimed. The most prominent recognition it received was with respect to Brad Pitts’s performance. The movie also placed zombies in a nonclich√© way that was refreshing for the audience to watch. The movie is based on Max Brooks’s book of the same name.

    The movie also proved to be a hit at the box office, making a massive collection of $540 million. Due to the first movie being such a hit as soon as it hit theaters, there were talks about making a sequel for it. World War Z 2 has been in process since then and fans are wondering whether the sequel will be releasing or not. Let’s take a look at everything that happened since then.

    "World war Z 2": Why This Many Years And So Much Effort Is Unable To Make It Successful?? Is It Cancelled??

    World War Z 2 had to face a lot of problems in terms of production. Every now and then, the sequel was all set to be made, and some of the other things have come in the way. The announcement of the director and the return of Brad Pitt was made public too. In 2015, Juan Antonio Bayona, the director selected also started working on the movie. The movie was estimated to finally release in 2017.

    Fans all over still did not lose hope as the original director of the movie had stated several times that the movie is actually perfect to be a trilogy. The sequel though, did not have any trailer out as the filming was stopped in the earlier days of the shoot. The sequel had another chance to start shooting in 2018, but the director who was supposed to shoot became difficult with his other prominent work, and even this time, the fans faced huge disappointment. Finally, after so many setbacks, the sequel to World War Z Has been canceled.


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