“Apex Legends 5”: A Player Dropped Major Feature Of The Game That Seems Authentic!!! Here It Is With Other Updates!!


    A lot of hints have already started to drop about Apex Legends season 5. They are keeping in mind the brilliant opening of the fourth season. The bar has risen even more for season 5.

    It has been two months since the fans are using Apex Legends Season 4, and not a lot of information seems to be available with regard to the launch of season 5. Fans have been trying hard to find out something and have even tried out their hand at data mining to do so.

    Due to this, a user called Shrugtal has discovered some knowledge or reference as such about the fifth season while looking through some files for Respawn. In his search, Shrugtal found that a game model was made for Loba.

    "Apex Legends 5": A Player Dropped Major Feature Of The Game That Seems Authentic!!! Here It Is With Other Updates!!
    Loba In Alex Legends.

    Loba is a little girl who was seen in the last season teaser. Loba is a wolf in the Portuguese language, and hence the character is equipped with a lot of weapons that revolve around wolfs. A titan keycard will be available but only to the players who visit most of the rare parts in Worlds Edge Dome.

    The card has to the logo of an alien tech hunt and also brings back the memory of Singh Labs. Singh Labs was a place that was a new addition to the Kings Canyon and took place in the second season. These are a few of the things that we know as of now, but how the season will exactly look like is yet to be known.

    Respawn talked about fans being pleasantly surprised with season 5, as to what he meant while saying this will only be known once the launch takes place. A Teaser that was recently out showed players being surprised by the mobile phone; the phone had an ARES logo. All these hints and teasers might give us an overall idea about what will happen, but any conclusion cannot be made until the final teaser for Apex Legends Season 5 is dropped.


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