Adele Losing 150 Million Over Divorce With Husband? Everything You Need To Know!


    Adele divorce with husband.

    Upcoming news is here Adele divorcing her husband Simon Konechi, the shocking news for everyone is the star kid didn’t sign the prenuptial agreement, which makes sure if the marriage didn’t work well your assets will be yours only.

    As a result of not making the agreement, they are asked to part their assets into half; all of those she earned through singing after marriage will be divided into two, including all her property if they decide to file in California. The recent news is coming to Adele has gifted Konechi a property worth $600,000.

    What about Adele’s pre-nap agreement?

    It is being heard that pre-nap agreement is very common and necessary in Hollywood it was strange that they both didn’t sign one. Relationships and even marriages are working on the base of the pre-nap agreement.

    According to the statistics, only 5% of the couple gets into this, and only about 15% of people regret not doing this. Even after this small percentage, this is very famous in Hollywood.

    This is dangerous one can face financial disturbance after this, exactly what happened to Steven Spielberg, who paid $100 million; this ransom is very-very disturbing to any individual’s bank account.

    What can be a drawback?

    In other hands if we see, it shows the lack of trust between two, they already know marriage is not going to work, easy way to get rid of any person and many other things we can come up like,  not sharing your future success with a partner in fear of sharing them legally.

    Many people just get the agreement signed to make it legalize and secure their family, their financial status, to feel independent, and become the only consumer to their success.

    This feels a little selfish, but the fact is at a point of life this is necessary running after a person, forcefully try to manage marriage is not good for mental health better to get apart and be the owner of your own earnings.


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