Donald Trump HIDING the Truth, Is He Suffering From Coronavirus?


    The world has been desperately affected by the coronavirus, with nearly three million people who have already been infected by the virus, and the spread is still continuing. The number of infected persons in the United States is very high in comparison to other countries. The virus has been found vulnerable to old aged groups and various high-ranking officials in different countries, and the United States has already tested positive for the virus, people were wondering if the president of United States, Donald Trump has tested for the virus or not.

    The president of the United States has reportedly done coronavirus two times, and he was tested negative at both times. The second test was done using the help of the test kit provided by Abbott Laboratories. Abbott Laboratories coronavirus test offers a rapid report, and one can obtain results within 15 minutes. Trump underwent a second coronavirus test on April 2, nearly after a month from his first test. He mentioned that he had a curiosity about whether the lab test kit works fast, as specified.

    Ever since the coronavirus became a global pandemic, Trump has met with various officials from the US and even foreign countries who later tested positive for coronavirus. Brazilian official who visited Trump last month had tested positive for the virus, and immediately the POTUS underwent coronavirus test. After Trump’s second coronavirus test, the White House has started undergoing rapid tests on those people who are reportedly at close proximity with the president and vice president, Donald Trump.

    Trump has been again slammed for his idea to combat the coronavirus after he suggested injecting disinfectant on the human body to fight coronavirus. However, a doctor has abruptly rubbished the idea. Doctors all around have slammed the president’s suggestion claiming that the disinfectant injection on a human body is toxic for health. Moreover, the disinfectant is harmful to the external part of the human body.




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