Doom Eternal: Release Date, Platform, Reviews and Ratings, Gameplay and more details!


    Doom eternal is a first-person shooter video game, one of those who stay in our best-of list. The fifth main game in the Doom series. PlayStation players are getting crazy about this.

    Doom Eternal Release Date

    The game is already launched in the market on March 20, 2020, and created its very own fan base. Adventure, thriller, games always work, especially in a specific age group. This game is not targeted to one audience but surely is going to create its existence over minds.

    Doom Eternal Platforms

    • Windows
    • PlayStation 4
    • Stadia
    • Xbox one
    • The Nintendo Switch version is planned for release later.

    Doom Eternal Ratings and Reviews

    The game is getting a lot of positive responses and talking about graphics campaign, level design, soundtracks, and combat mechanics. Video games are not about the story every time, but they are also about other important elements like character, and powers and weapons, etc.

    The game got a very good rating of 9/10 on stream, and 5/5 TechRadar all these things matters a lot. After certain approvals, they get these ratings,s which eventually affects the viewership.

    Doom Eternal Gameplay

    It is a basically ancient warrior who fights with demonic forces from hell the first perspective players get indulge with them, where very thing around them aggressively force the first person to engage with the enemies. They are:

    • Marauder and doom hunter
    • Pain elemental
    • Arachnotron
    • Archive

    The player will get access to the various firearms, such as combat shotgun, super shotgun, heavy cannon, rocket launcher, plasma rifle, BFG 9000, and ballista.

    Doom Eternal wants the player to play smarter and bounce over the mind of the enemy and also needs to decide to kill whom first, which is going to be fruitful. There is also a “destructible demons” feature where the enemy’s body gets destroyed automatically when they get damaged.

    The game even has battle mood the game type 2v1 PvP Multi rounds where two players can control the demon. Another interesting feature is the new hub area in the game called “fortress of doom,” where players can go in-between the game, and gear up unlocks bonus weapons, etc.



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