Evangelion 4.0 : Release Date, Plot and more. Everything you need to know about the film!


    Evangelion 4.0 or even Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 is an Japanese sci-fi animated movie. It is based on an anime series called Neon Genesis Evangelion. Evangelion 4.0 will be the fourth and final installment of the series. The movie is written and directed by Hideaki Anno and Produced by Studio Khara.

    The Release Date of Evangelion 4.0

    Though it is presumed that the film is going to release in 2020. But originally, the film was set to release in 2015. The release got delayed because of Director Hideaki Anno’s commitment to the 2016 film Shin Godzilla. Hence after the production of that film, Anno returned to Evangelion, and the production resumed.

    After the delay, the film was set to release on 27th June 2020. But due to this ongoing global pandemic, it seems unlikely that it would be released in June. But till now, no alternate release date has been announced yet.

    The plot of Evangelion 4.0

    Evangelion 4.0 was announced with Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, this is the final part of the Rebuild tetralogy. This is why the plot details are very much under wraps, and there is no way of guessing what will happen in the final installment. The plot has escalated drastically throughout this rebuild tetralogy. The third part shows what will happen 14 years after the Third Impact, which is a worldwide cataclysm.

    Due to its release on Netflix, the popularity of Evangelion has grown immensely over the year. Mostly in the United States. Though it is not known when the fourth part will release, the fans are still very much hyped in making possible plot lines and theorizing what would happen in the last part. Ending this great series is a difficult task to make it a very satisfying ending.


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