Fan-Favorite Villain Far Cry 3’s Vaas Montenegro is Set to Return Very Soon, Micheal Mando Confirms


    Far Cry 3 is still the most popular game in the franchise and had sold around 10 million copies all around the world. The game is still cherished, and every gamer loved the legendary villain and pirate lord Vaas Montenegro. The man who voiced the antagonist and provided motion picture recently reported that Vass might be returning on future projects of Far Cry.

    Michael Mando is one of the main characters of AMC crime-drama, Better Call Saul, and has appeared as Scorpion, aka Mac Gargon in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spiderman: Homecoming. The actor recently appeared in Reddit’s Ask Me Anything and mentioned that Vass is his spirit animal. He claimed that he had portrayed many characters throughout his life, but Vass is something that is always dearer to him. He concluded his discussion by telling the fans that he might be reprising the role very soon.

    He also later replied to someone else that the time might have come for him to reprise his role as Vass. Fans were shocked and excited to hear such comments from the fan-favorite villain. Nobody knows whether Mando is joking or there is some development related to Far Cry—as of now, there’s no news rather than his comments.

    Far Cry 3 was released on November 29, 2012, and the game has already been remastered for PS4 and Xbox One. However, remastering any already developed game doesn’t require to re-record voice.  Ubisoft wouldn’t probably reboot the Far Cry 3, and a direct sequel is almost impossible for Vass’s case because Vaas Montenegro dies at the end of Far Cry 3.

    So, only a possible way to return Mando as Vass is exploring Far Cry beyond the world of games in apparent feature films or television shows/web shows. There have been multiple reports citing that the Ubisoft Motion Pictures is working to create a live-action movie based on Watch Dogs and Raving Rabbids video-games along with Far Cry. So, probably there’s a live-action feature film featuring waiting for us to re-live the brilliancy of the antagonist, Vaas Montenegro.


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