“Final Fantasies XIV” Players Arranged Virtual Funeral For Fellow Player Who Lost Her Battle To COVID 19!! 


    Final Fantasy XIV player, Ferney Leroy, passed away due to Corona-virus this past Saturday. She played in the Zalera server, and many of the players haven’t met her in person. And they couldn’t gather around and mourn in person for their fellow player mate’s departure since all of them were under lock-down due to the pandemic outbreak. But they came out with the best idea they could find—a Virtual Funeral in the game.

    Around a number of hundred players gathered around by logging in at the same time. They customized their avatar and showed up with black clothing and umbrellas. They marched through the online world as a tribute to their friend on 11th April. This was shared on social media. The march lasted one hour.


    A video received around 10600 positive compliments on Reddit on Monday. Many users were amazed by the community’s heart touching gesture.

    Power Of Video Players

    In this period of crisis, the video game developers and players all around the world are joining hands together to fight and survive the battle against the pandemic outbreak. We all heard about SONY’S “Play At Home Initiative” that gave away FREE games for players to stay safe at home and enjoy.

    The campaign also collected the fund for helping independent game developers who are struggling in the present situation. All these events point out the power of the video gaming world so does the act of funeral march the players organized.

    "Final Fantasies XIV" Players Arranged Virtual Funeral For Fellow Player Who Lost Her Battle To COVID 19!! 

    The person who initiated to organize the funeral march stated that he did not expect so many players to take part in the march. It’s obviously not the first time a funeral is held by the players in a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game or MMORPG. But the significant number of players who showed up are definitely remarkable.

    The funeral march was initially intended to inform all those who know her. But everyone was surprised to see other players, including players from other servers to join the march. This was definitely a loving and sweet tribute to the soul that passed away.


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