G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes: Plot, Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Everything else you need to know!


    A GI JOE spin-off is releasing. It’s called Snake eyes. Henry Golding is the main character and posted a picture from the movie. It is a Hasbro to the line and seems different from another line of the franchise.

    The production is quiet about the details of the movie. Henry Golding has starred in crazy rich Asians and gentleman. This movie could be a breakout film for him. He uploaded the picture on his birthday as a new-look Henry from his title character movie, Snake eyes.

    G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes Expectations

    G.I. JOE was a blockbuster. It earned above $300 million, enough for us to get the sequel: G.I. Joe Retaliation. It is directed by Robert Schwentke and produced by Allspark, Skydance Media, Di Bonaventura Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The whole franchise is safe by this third movie.

    Snake eyes is a silent, deadly ninja. He won’t have a single film because of the different ethnicity in the prequels. Yet, this will be a hit.

    Snake Eyes.

    Weaving.many details about the movie. But we can assume that it might be the origin of him. Did he become deadly because of betrayal? Or lost his love life? Or wants revenge from some monsters of the world?

    Henry Golding mentioned that G.I. Joe is starting another line, G.I. Joe universe. It is unusual from what people normally see. Well, it does link t the prequels. It is surely a hit like Mission Impossible and Fast and Furious series.

    G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes Cast

    According to IMDB, Following are the cast members:

    • Snake Eyes by Henry Golding
    • The Baroness by Úrsula Corberó
    • Storm Shadow by Andrew Koji
    • Scarlett by Samara Weaving
    • Blind Master by Peter Mensah

    G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes Release Date

    Snake Eyes is releasing at the end of the year on October 23. Well, due to the quarantine situation, the delay is possible. But Henry or any other cast member has not given any hint for it.
    In addition, The trailer is not out yet, but we hope to see it soon!


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