When is the novle Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier releasing??Will marine be able to lead a happy life with her family again? Know every details here!!

Little secret: the novel is based on a fiction crime thriller written by Jennifer Hillier. It consists of 352 pages and released on 21 April 2020. The rating of the book is 4.4 out of 5.

Plot of Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier

The story of the book is About Marine is a owns a hair salon and her husband is Derek runs his own company they are blessed with baby boy Sebastian. For her, the family is perfectly a paradise until his son was lost.

This made a break between Marine and Derek. Marine cannot focus on anything Dissipate of  FBI search; she appointed another man to trace his son and to start from where the FBI left.

But on the twist, she found his husband had a relationship with a young lady, which made her weaker.

As of now, her son was missing, and she wants to save a relationship with his husband. The story describes how she will fix all the problems. Will she be happy again with her family?

As per the author, life is always a secret that will give happiness after the tragedy, and for some, life Gives some issues that should be overcome to lead a happy life.

Fiction story always teaches you how to avoid these mistakes in his or her own life by learning in the story and also teaches you how to look at a different perspective.

About the Author of Little Secrets: Jennifer Hillier

Jennifer Hillier is an author of many books that creep, wonderland, and Jar of Hearts, Wonderland: A Thriller, The Butcher, The Dark Side: A Collection of Mysteries & Thrillers, Freak.

Born in 1974, born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and presently she lives in Canada with her husband and son.

She was nominated for the award called Anthony Awards for best novel. To know more information, stay connected with union journalism.

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