The most awaited James Bond is Back Once Again with No Time to Die!!! Check the Details about its release date, Cast, Plot now!!


    Oh boy! He’s back.

    The evergreen and undiluted James Bond film series are all set for the release of its 25th installment this year. The film, titled No Time to Die, is one of the most awaited films of 2020 as it would be the last time the fans will see their beloved Daniel Craig in the suit of the MI6 agent James Bond. People have gone crazy to have this movie hit the theaters just like they have done for the past sixty years of the series’ journey!

    So, let’s see what Bond, James Bond has had waiting for us this time.

    No Time to Die: Release Date

    The release date of No Time to Die has apparently faced multiple push-backs, intensifying the fans’ quest for the next film. Initially, the film was set to be released in November 2019, but as the director Danny Boyles pulled himself out of the project, the producers had to hold the production of the film and change the release date to February 2020 and further to April 2020. Cary Fukunaga was later chosen to direct the film.

    In the wake of the worldwide CoViD-19 Pandemic and the massive loss to be faced by the film due to the closure of Asian and European theaters, the EON and MGM had to postpone the release date to November 12, 2020, in the US and November 25 in the UK. It was determined as a “costly move” by analysts, but it’s in the welfare of the people and the franchise.

    So, the wait is just for a little longer until you’ll see No Time to Die on the screens.

    The filming began in April 2019, covering numerous locations and wrapped by October after shooting of a chase sequence in Havana. Universal Pictures will be distributing the film internationally for the first time.

    The first teaser of the film was dropped in December 2019, and it ignited whatever it had intended to.

    "No Time To Die" Has A New Release Date And New But Renowned Actor As Protagonist!!! Other Updates Are Intact!!!

    Who Will We See in No Time to Die?

    Actor Daniel Craig announced after the release of Spectre (2015) that he won’t be playing James Bond anymore in the future because of the harsh responsibilities that come with this task. However, in 2017, he said that he will reprise his role for No Time to Die. Thus, we’ll have Craig back, but just for one last time! Christoph Waltz will also return as Bond’s foster brother Ernst Stavro Biofield. As seen in the trailer, Léa Seydoux, Naomie Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Ben Whishaw, and Ralph Fiennes will be again playing their respective roles of Dr. Madeleine, Eve, Felix, Q, and M.

    Last year during a live stream in Jamaica, the new additions to the cast were revealed. We’ll see Ana de Armas as Paloma, a CIA agent, David Dencik as Valdo, a scientist, and Billy Magnussen as Logan Ash. The new antagonist for the sequel will be portrayed by the Academy Award winner Rami Malek who will be seen playing Safin, James’ archenemy.

    A Synopsis of No Time to Die

    As described by director Cory, Bond is now a “wounded animal” as he leaves the active services of Agent 00 after capturing his foster brother Ernst who was the leader of the Spectre in the last film. But now, James is confronted by his friend Felix to give him aid in search of Valdo Obruchev, a disappeared scientist.

    Finding it later that Valdo was actually abducted, James foresees an unprecedented danger striding towards the world, which has to be stopped. His romance with Dr. Madeleine will also take a step ahead in the upcoming film. Along with the typical James Bond espionage vibe, the sequel will also show the rivalry between James and the sinister villain Safin in full strength.

    The James Bond saga has been entertaining the viewers for decades now. Always being a star at the Box office, the series is the fourth-highest grossing film series of all time. It has grabbed numerous accolades, including several Academy Awards.

    Fans are now restlessly waiting for No Time to Die and the craziness, madness, and thrill that will come with it. We hope it releases without any further delays.



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