Anime series Prison School is coming out soon?? What’s the Released date and other details about the series??

Prison School is a Japanese based sex comedy manga series released on July 11, 2015. Which is released in a magazine called weekly young Magazine from February  2011 to December 2017.

Prison School Types!

Prison school as television drama directed by Noboru Iguchi. It has nine Episode telecast on MBS, TBS Network. This Episode telecast from October 26, 2015, to  December 21, 2015.

Prison school as Anime television series directed by Tsutomu Mizushima. This broadcast in Tokyo MS, KBS, Sun tv, TV Aichi, BS11, and AT-X. It consists of  12 Episodes, telecasts from July 11, 2015, to  September 26, 2015.

This series is also available on CD.

The Cast of Prison School

The cast of the series are Hiroshi Kamiya , Katsuyuki Konishi , Kenichi Suzumura, Kazuyuki Okitsu , Kana Hanazawa , Daisuke Namikawa , Sayaka Ohara are in prison school television drama.

The Storyline of Prison School

This tale is about five boys who started studying school, which is newly made as co-ed, but previously it was only for girls. These boys started making mischief, which resulted in the suspension and made a sentence for jail school.

This story has love, romance, and fight. This gives full entertainment to the viewers.

Episodes of Prison School

Ep1-  The peep job

Ep-2 The man who viewed too much

Ep-3   A Mighty  spurt

Ep-4   Take me out to the  sum land

Ep-5 The school’s number one most  Treacherous man

Ep-6  Vengeance is Hana’s Meiko’s Delicious Restaurant

Ep-7   Meiko’s Delicious Restaurant

Ep-8   The Diary of Andre

Ep-9   Full of Bodily Fluids

Ep-10  It’s a Bum-derful Life

Ep-11  Eryngii Brockovich

Ep-12 Good Morning, Prison

Its OVA episode was mad wax telecast in March 2016. More than 13 million copies had been sold by this. We may know this series has a good response among the audience.

Awards received by Prison School

It won two general manga award at the Kodansha Manga Awards. To know more information, stay connected with union journalism.


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