The most awaited Pubg Season 13 has already been leaked?? What’s the updates you’ve got to know now!!


    Players’ unknown battleground  (Pubg)is a battle royale game developed by Pubg corporation. It is an online multiplayer game and supported for Microsoft Windows, play station 4, Android, IOS, and Xbox One. This is created as inspired by the Japanese movie called Battle Royale.

    This game is about to search the weapons, kill other players, and to safeguard themselves to avoid killed by others. After a certain period of the game, battleground decreases by size, and players need to survive till the end of the game to win. For winning, the title is displayed as ‘ winner chicken dinner.’

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    This game allows to form its own team of friends, or it can be randomly picked as to form team members.

    The PC version of this game has sold more than 60 million, and for the mobile version, the no of users is more than 600 million.

    The theme of the game:

    The game is between the player and player shooter game, the player as to survive till the end of the game will be declared as the winner of the game.

    The player can choose as a solo, duo, or with four people to play the game.

    Add on features of Pubg Season 13 

    Pubg has three maps big map( 8*8 km ), medium map(6*6), and a small map (4*4).

    At the start of the game, the player will land one of three maps from the parachute. Then the player needs to search for weapons, armor, vehicles which are distributed around the building.

    High-risk zone is the place where advanced weapons are distributed. This game has the option to the player to choose from as First-person perspective and as Third person perspective.

    The duration of the game for the full round it may take around 30 minutes. At the end of the game, the player can buy things to customize with weapons.

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