Netflix’s “You” Showrunner Brought The Best Of News For Fans: Not Only “Third” But “Fourth Season” May Also Come Out!!!


    The American psychological thriller series You will return for a third season. The series also focuses on crime and drama if we look to its genres. You is based on a 2014 novel of the same name, and it’s sequels. These novels are written by Caroline Kepnes.


    The first season came out in September 2018 through Lifetime. The season revolves around Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley). He is a bookstore manager in New York, and he falls in Love with Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail), who is his customer.

    Well, this is a setting for a romantic drama series. But when the love or rather an attraction towards a person becomes a kind of obsession, there is a shift in the genre. The attraction leads Joe to a toxic obsession for Guinevere. He begins stalking her through social media and through other means. And, he is ready to go to extreme ends for winning her over.

    Netflix's "You" Showrunner Brought The Best Of News For Fans: Not Only "Third" But "Fourth Season" May Also Come Out!!!

    In the second season, which came out in 2019, Joe moves to Los Angles. There he falls in Love with a  chef Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). But, what he hopes to be a new life ends when he develops the same obsession with Love. And the whole pattern begins to repeat as in a loop.


    The series opened up to huge critical acclaim. It didn’t receive much popularity in Lifetime. But, when it began streaming on Netflix in December 2018, the trend changed. The first season had an amazing viewership of over 43 million. Following this success, Netflix took over the series, and the second season came out as a Netflix Original.

    The sequel based on the novel Hidden bodies too followed the trend. It had 54 million views within one month of its release. It has a 93% rating from Rotten Tomatoes. Critics lauded the series for its portrayal of the horror side of toxic love. And almost all the fans claim the series to be so intriguing and engaging that if we begin watching the series, we won’t stop until we end it.

    Netflix's "You" Showrunner Brought The Best Of News For Fans: Not Only "Third" But "Fourth Season" May Also Come Out!!!



    Netflix announced the much-expected renewal on January 14, 2020. And they have confirmed that the series will be back in 2021. As of now, we have no confirmed release date, but we expect it to be around mid-2021. The new season will also follow Joe and Love Quinn.

    Fans were overjoyed when co-creator of the show Sera Gamble let out a statement through Cosmopolitan. She said that they have a really exciting idea for the third season. And she added that the extent of that excitement was so high that the crew couldn’t stop talking about it.

    But, there is yet more good news for the fans. Caroline Kepnes is working on the third and fourth novels in the You series. This means that we have a very high probability of a fourth season. So fans have a lot more to look up. But now, we have no choice other than to wait. Let’s hope that when our wait’s finally over, it will be really worth it.


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