Disney’s Frozen 2: DVD Release date, Cast, Trailer and what is the Disney sequel about!


    Sister before mister!– with this quote, Disney made the movie, Frozen. The concept is so good and pure. A great example of legendary fantasy. Its direction is by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck of Walt Disney Studios motion pictures.

    All About Disney’s Frozen 2

    Well, we do know about the prequel that Elsa and Anna are sisters. Elsa has a special power to create ice and snow. When they were kids, Elsa mistakenly freezes Anna’s heart while playing. From then on, Elsa stays away from her for the rest of the time. One fine day Arendelle organizes crowning ceremony for Elsa to be their queen. Both sisters get in a fight, and Elsa gets out of control freeing everything. Everyone called her a monster, and she leaves. Ultimately, she comes back because of Anna. Anna finds the love of life after betrayal by Hans in Kristoff.

    The sequel showcases their lives after three years of the prequel. This part is about the self-discovery and realization of Elsa. She gets crowned as the queen of Arendelle. Anna becomes the protector of the enchanted forest went to. This soft movie hit in feels.

    Disney’s Frozen 2 DVD Release Day

    The wait is over as the DVD version of Frozen 2 will be in India on March 30th,2020. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and 21-day lockdown, there will be a delay. 15th April is the probable date if the lockdown doesn’t extend.

    Disney’s Frozen 2 Cast

    • Elsa by Idina Mendzel
    • Anna by Kristen Bell
    • Hans by Santino Fontana
    • Kristoff by Jonathan Groff
    • Olaf by Josh Gad
    • Mattias by Sterling K. Brown
    • Iduna by Evan Rachel Wood

    Disney’s Frozen 2 Trailer

    The trailer released a long time back for the cinematic universe of Walt Disney.

    This is the movie trailer. We hope you like this animated movie. Family comes first, always.

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