Grand Tour Season 5 Release Date!! Is there any hints to Season 6?? News about Plot, Trailer, New Cast, Upcoming News You Should Know.


    The release date of season 5 is still not confirmed, but after the confirmation from Andy Wilman, we know that the series is renewed for two more seasons. It is good news for all the fans of the show. The format might be changing for the good, as the show will be going places around the world."The Grand Tour Season 5" Is Not Coming Soon- What's The Cast And Where They Are Travelling This Time???

    Grand Tour Season 6 possibilities

    James may not be there for season 6. As he will quit the show, citing old age as the reason. In season 6, the cast may be going to even more fancy places all across the globe. From the Amazon rainforest to the Sahara desert, it will be very exciting for the audience to watch.

    The Plot of Grand Tour Season 5

    The plot will be the same as the special amazon seaman, where the presenters will traverse a foreign locale with a select and specific set of vehicles. The locations will be all around the globe.

    The Trailer of Grand Tour Season 5

    The trailer is out for the season 4 special seaman. The show itself is out on the amazon prime as a special.

    The new Cast of Grand Tour Season 5

    The cast of the grand tour will be Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James may returning as the presenter. Along with Andy Wilman, who will be the producer for the show. Along with Mike Spencer, Dominic Cooper, and Casey Anderson.

    Upcoming news, you should know.

    The specials for season 4 were delayed at least a year because of the pandemic. The specials were being filmed in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Madagascar. With the plans for being filmed in North Russia in March of 2020.

    All the specials which have concluded filming were in their post-production. Until the pandemic hit, and it was delayed.

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