Will Daniel Craig return in Knives out Season 2?? What are the things you need to know about the Season 2? Read on!

Mystery in Knives out is written and directed by Johnson.

There is a very old man at the age of 85. His name is Harlan Thrombey, and his housekeeper, Fran, one day finds him dead. She finds him dead the next morning after the birthday celebrations.

Moreover, most of the dead man’s family members stay in the mansion after the party. Also, the detective Benoit Blanc puts everyone in the list of suspects.

However, the nurse with which he works has a problem. She can’t speak out lies without puking. Which is a very weird thing? Moreover, Marta has a thought that she might have given him an overdosage of medicine due to which he died. Harlan is a novelist who can make anyone believe that death is an intentional one.


Well, the date is unknown as of now, and there is no official announcement about the same. Moreover, the movie will release somewhere around 2021 or maybe in 2022. The makers have told that since the movie takes a lot of time to make.


As of now, Daniel Craig is going to come back as Benoit Blanc with his great acting skills. While it is still not sure of the return of the cast like Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, Katherine Langford, and many more from the movie.


Rian Johnson, in a press meet, has made it clear that no story from the previous movie will be continuing. The new story will see detective Benoit receiving more investigation cases, which he solves by ease. However, nevertheless, he will have to face difficulties to get to the final point.



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