Log Horizon Season 3 Release date delayed?? What is the new one?? What can we expect from the sequel??


    The new entry in the genre dominated by SAO. The anime series Log Horizon is a breath of fresh air with deep characters and humorous dialogues.

    They were taking a new take on the premise of a gamer trapped in a video game. The story was written on a user-generated writing platform by Mamare Touno. The novel was so successful that it was adapted into manga and anime. The log horizon brings something different to the table. The anime is directed by Shinji and Ishihara.

    According to the reviewers, the series is noted for “its own take on what has become a subgenre of fantasy.” By Rebecca Silverman of the anime news network.

    Characters in Log Horizon Season 3 

    The characters of the show include Shiroe portrayed by Mike Yager, Nyanta by Jovan Jackson, and Naotsugu by Tomoaki Maeno. The rest of the supporting cast are Touya, Minori, Marielle, and Akatsuki.

    The Release date of Log Horizon Season 3 

    The anime was renewed for season 3, with most of the cast reprising their roles. Season three will be named after volume 12 of the web series. The official acronym is DORT.

    It will premiere in October 2020. As of now, the anime is still in production and will be available for streaming on Crunchyroll as a simulcast.

    Story of Log Horizon Season 3 

    Share it gets stuck in an online game along with thirty thousand other people after an update to the said game. He and hid friends Naotsugu and Akatsuki band together to face the new obstacles. In the world of video games, which is their new reality, now.

    The story is very similar to sword art online and .hack series. The anime is from the Niseko genre targeted for shonen audience.


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