Most Twisted Love Story – Kaguya-Sama Season 2: Release Date, Plot and more. Latest updates!


    The most famous Kaguya-same: Love is War is a Japanese anime Seinen Manga series written and illustrated by Aka Akasaka. Its anime television series is directed by Shinichi Omata and written by Yasuhiro Nakanishi. The series was originally run on Tokyo MX, GTV, GYT, BS11, MBS, CTV, and TVN. It was first premiered on January 12, 2019. There is a total of 14 episodes in season one. It was rated on IMDb 8/10.

    Kaguya-Sama Season 2 Release Date

    We know the love story of Miyuki and Kaguya, and their relationship has gone too far, but we want to know what is going to happen in their future. The second season was premiered on April 25, 2020, in Japan, and till now, so many things have happened. There will be 12 episodes in season 2. You can watch the first season on Hulu, Netflix, and for the second season, you will have to watch it on Funimation and Anime Lab.

    "Kaguya Sama Season 2" Is Premiering Now: See What Happened So Far And What Is Up For "Episode 3"???

    Kaguya-Sama Season 2 Plot

    Till now, we have seen Miyuki’s( a boy who is the topper of school but unknown from love and relationship) birthday, and he was celebrating his birthday with Kaguya( vice president of shushing academy). Meanwhile, Kaguya gets attach to Miyuki’s sister. A birthday party, Miyuki’s sister, wishes her with cake and gifts.

    Meanwhile, Fujiwara(cheerful girl) sees that Miyuki is celebrating his birthday with Kaguya. Kaguya Wants to make Miyuki confess his love, but her plan gets to destroy, and also Fujiwara got hurt so much, and she sinks in tears.

    This is full of twisted love, where you will enjoy every moment. In the second part of this series, we can expect to see more comedy, love triangle, dialogue, drama, and so on. It will be hard to say about the upcoming story. We need to take patience for the upcoming twist, and in the upcoming story, we will see where it goes further.




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