My Hero Academia Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot and more. Latest Updates!


    Anime is something that connects to our hearts. Talking about entertainment, there are a lot of people following comic books and superhero or supernatural powers.

    Anime is one of them converting manga series into animated versions is the best thing one can do, not only in Japan now it has captured the whole world; there is nothing better than anime in the animation world. My Hero Academia is one of those superhero animated series whose last four parts did pretty well. Success so far!

    My Hero Academia Season 5 Release Date

    This was not worldwide when they started in 2016. First, they launched in japan with just 13 episodes, but after analyzing the popularity, the show was gaining, they increased the number of episodes and made it worldwide.

    Last season 4 was aired on October 12, 2019, and ended on April 4, 2020, which means there is a couple of months in the release of next season. The official tweet is posted to ensure the next. The date for part 5 is not there. Still, we can say there will be 25 episodes as per the sequence they are following.

    My Hero Academia Season 5 Plot

    The story is about a normal boy who fantasized about having supernatural powers and meets all mighty who enrolls him in the high school for the training of heroes.

    We cannot say the exact plot for the season as there is no further information. We do know that this is going to be very exciting, we need to keep little patience.

    My Hero Academia Season 5 Cast

    Most of the characters are the same as in season 5 as the same story will be continued further.

    There will be characters named Izuku Midoriya, Justin briner, Akatsuki Bakugo, Clifford Chapin, Chaco Muranaka, Luci Christian, Kenya Lida, Michael Tatum, all for one by Akio Otsuka, john Sawasey, Nomura Chigasaki, eric vale.


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