Samsung Galaxy Buds: Tech Review. Everything you should know. Latest updates!


    Earbuds are a trend right now, so why would Samsung be left behind on this trend. So Samsung launched Galaxy Buds on March 8th 2019. They are truly wireless headphones in nature. After that, Samsung launched more advanced versions of earbuds called Galaxy Buds Plus.

    But Samsung has done this before in the wireless trend. They have launched two generations of the Gear IconX. But there is a difference between the IconX and the Galaxy Buds. Galaxy Buds are a part of the Galaxy family along with all the new Samsung Galaxy products like the new Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy S10e.

    About Samsung Galaxy Buds

    The Galaxy Buds are a more premium version of earbuds. They don’t cost that much and have a dual-driver design for better sound quality. And it has a larger in-built battery that lasts till 11 hrs per charge, which is not provided by many other companies.

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Release Date

    Samsung Galaxy Buds was released on March 8th, 2019. They cost about Rs.10,990 in India, which is still cheaper than Apple AirPods. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is available from February 14th, 2020.

    Well, coming to the overall design of their Buds, they have a very attractive look with a slick all-white look and pearlescent effect on the outside. They look very classy and elegant in design. Galaxy Buds comes with a charging case also. The earbuds look small and compact, and also they come with rubber wingtips of different sizes which is very useful, you can change the wingtips from small, medium and large according to what you want anytime.

    It seems like Samsung finally did it and got it right with the earbuds. They are giving Apple AirPods a tough competition in terms of design, sound quality, and easy to wear. So if you want to invest your money on Galaxy Buds other than AirPods, then you should cause it’s cheaper and as good as AirPods in quality.



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