Vinland Saga Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast and more. All the latest updates is here!


    Our most famous action pack ”Vinland Saga” is based on Japanese historical anime manga series written by manga author Makoto Yukimura. Its anime television series is directed by Shuhei Yabuta and written by Hiroshi Seko and Kenta Ihara. The series is licensed by Amazon video. There is a total of 24 episodes. It was first premiered on July 7, 2019. It was rated on 8.9 out of 10. So, therefore, the series has won 6th Anime of the year award.

    Vinland Saga Season 2 Cast

    We have seen some famous characters like Askeladd(commander of small Viking band), Bjorn, Thors (father of Thorfinn), Thorkell, and Canute. We hope we will see some new faces in the upcoming season.

    Vinland Saga Season 2 Story

    The story is related to Danish Invaders of England who known as Vikings in the 11th century. In this series, We saw a man, Thorfinn, who grew as a boy to a man who wants to take revenge from his father’s killer because his father was killed in the nation’s war. In the further story, Thorfinn left all bad memories and was seeking the purpose of his life.

    The first season was liked by many fans, and fans are waiting for next season. So it is renewed for 2nd season. There is some disturbance due to COVID-19, so it can be a delay, but there is no confirmation. According to sources, it is going to premiere in 2021.

    In the second part of this series, we can expect to see more fight, action, dialogue, drama, and so on. It will be hard to say about the upcoming story. We hope to listen to news about the plot from the creator till then fans need to wait for further upcoming information regarding confirm release date because the journey is not over yet. We assume that we will see the story where it finished in the first season.


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