Anime series Log Horizon is renewing for a Season 3?? What are the gossips that are going on with the anime?? Fan theories, Release date, Plot and lot more!!


    Anime, These days, these Japanese cartoon series are selling out like hot dogs, and without a doubt, these are able to get a good fanbase and recognition from almost everyone.

    What’s going on with Log Horizon Season 3??

    So, let’s talk about one of the anime, which has taken a long time to come back. “Log Horizon.” The series was able to release it’s first two seasons pretty soon, but it took a long time to release the third season, which to date has not released.

    And since 2015, we have been waiting for the series to be back again for the third season. It was adapted from a manga series as they always do of the same name. These were written by Mamare Touno and was illustrated by Kazuhiro Hara.

    In recent days, the buzz has been gone out that the upcoming season is going to be out very soon, and it will be named ” Log Horizon: Destruction of the round table,” and it will be out in some time around October 2020.

    The series is going to have the same cast members from the first and second seasons only. So, there is going to be no change for the upcoming season.

    When is Log Horizon Season 3 coming up??

    But, we don’t have the trailer or teaser for the series. So, that’s going to be a problem, but then again, if we have waited this long, then it will be easy for us to wait for a little more while.

    The story of the series revolves around Shiro, who is a grad student, and while he was playing a game, he accidentally falls in the RPG game which has surrounded by 30,000 players while he was trying to install the expansion pack of an RPG game called the “Elder Tales.” To make sure that he survives the gaming series, he forms a team of the players within the game and makes the team with them called “Log Horizon.”


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